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Hidden Entertainment is a creator, developer and manager of Intellectual Properties for Entertainment and Commercial use.

Within several media today, there is a huge demand for qualitative content; screenplays, stories, conceptual design, especially presented with a complete conceptual and commercial stability and with preserved integrity.
Hidden Entertainment recognises and fills this gap as a feeder to the commercial entertainment industry today. Hidden Entertainments position is to identify strong concepts and ideas and to develop and refine these to become attractive licences and Intellectual Properties (IP). It is Hidden Entertainments ambition to control valuable licences and develop them for multiple media and platforms.

Intellectual Properties
Hidden Entertainment constantly develops concepts which becomes the company´s own Licenses, or Intellectual Properties. What defines an IP for Hidden Entertainment is basicly one or more characters and the fantasy world in which those characters and the stories about them takes place. The story, characters, world is defined in a concept bible or styleguide along with logotype, visual guidelines, character descriptions, overall plot and storyline.

Each IP is developed for the consumer market to become products such as comic books, novels, TV-shows, interactive entertainment, music, toys etc.

Although each IP is different in theme and are aimed at different target groups, all IP:s created and owned by Hidden Entertainment has several things in common:

- Each IP is created for children and teenagers.
- Each IP is created with a passionate love for stories, characters and entertainment values.
- Each IP is created in a commercial context and with a preserved integrity.
- Each IP is created for a long-term presence on the market.