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Johan Edfeldt Born in 1960. Johan has worked with business development since 1985, the first eight years with management buyouts through First San Fransisco Holdong and thereafter within Internet and IT.
Johan is chairman of the board at Hidden Entertainment as well as Board Member of EGET Oy, GroupSystems Inc, Probe A/S and Secode A/S.

Peter Wahlberg

Peter Lönnkvist Graduated from Stockholm School of Economics 1978. Previously worked with Electrolux Group of Companies in the Middle East and with the EF Group (education), in the Far East. Since 1986 selfemployed as business consultant. Involved in the venture capital business since 1993, whereof several years as chairman of the board in FöretagsByggarna Business Builders AB. Ownership in several smaller companies and on the board of directors in some.

Nils Gulliksson

Jan Nilsson