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Hidden Entertainment was founded in 1997 with the name Hidden Dinosaur, by Michael Stenmark and Företagsbyggarna AB. The vision of Hidden Dinosaur was to “create stories and fairytales with focus on quality, integrity and a long-term presence”.

The first story created was that of Loophole. Loophole was initially intended to be an on-line multiplayer role-playing world, where the players could explore and adventure in the fantastic, magical world of Loophole. The Loophole world was created, and today, thousands of pieces of artwork and stories have been developed. But due to technological set-backs and the weak economy of the time, the on-line gaming world had to be abandoned. Instead, the Loophole concept were shifted to be a setting for story-telling in different media and in that process, the heroine of Loophole – Yumi, was born.

Hidden Dinosaur managed to interest different partners such as TV4, Rabén & Sjögren, Electronic Arts and Soft Toys to distribute products within their respective media.

In 2003, Hidden Dinosaur acquired the game developer studio Idol FX. With the studio, the company completed the first Loophole games and developed the comic books and animated TV series. Also, with the acquisition of Idol, a handful of new Intellectual properties came onboard such as Drake, Grumpa and Foo.

In may 2004, Hidden Dinosaur aquired MNT Entertainment, owned by Tom Olsson, Nils Gulliksson and Michael Stenmark who formed the new management group for the company. The name was changed to Hidden Entertainment and a new business plan was formed. The internal games development studio was abandoned, and the focus went back to the original vision of the company – To create content with quality in focus.

The new management group consists of two people, Tom Olsson and Nils Gulliksson – both with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Instead of focusing on development, the business is to create, develop and manage the company´s Intellectual Properties. By outsourcing and in partnership with leading companies within the entertainment business, products are developed and distributed in all media.