Starshine Legacy is an adventure story about four teenage girls– Lisa, Anne, Linda and Alex, who is chosen by fate to be the guardians against chaos – the Soul Riders. As such, they have been given the power to communicate with horses. Together they discover their own abilities to defend the small city of Jorvik from the dark powers that lurks and conspire to take control. But most of all, this is the story of four girls that will grow together, combined by a secret mission and their love for the horses and riding.

The first four Starshine Legacy PC games has been distributed by Norwegian publisher Stabenfeldt through their Pony book club in seven langages and ten countries in Europe and the US. Each game has been distributed to over 200.000 horse-interested members of the book club. In 2006 several spin-of products are being developed such as comic books, toys and new PC-games.

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