Star Academy is about music, song and dance. Set in the same fictional universe as Starshine Legacy, the story takes place in the small town of Jorvik. At the Jorvik School of performing arts, also known as the Star Academy, we meet Lisa, the aspiring rock-girl who dreams about writing and performing her own songs, Kiyomi who only feel truly alive when she dances, Brittany who longs to be a superstar and Kevin a musical wonderkid who pursues a career as a music video director. As these four young people are working hard to be admitted to the school of their dreams, sinister plans are being plotted by a cynical record company as well as by some shady students who will get their spot in the Star Academy at any cost. All is fair in love and war and as our friends are about to discover also in the music industry.

The first series of four Star Academy games are now in development. In these games, the player will be able to play one of the three Star Academy girls in her struggle in becoming a superstar. The game-play is a combination of song, dance, styling, and performing elements.

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