Loophole is a magical world full of adventures and fantastic creatures. The story of Loophole revolves around the young girl and apprentice magician Yumi who when trying to master the arts of magic becomes engaged in an epic struggle between good and evil. The story of Yumi and Loophole is an epic tale of friendship, mystical powers and one small girl’s destiny to save a world from the powers of darkness.

Loophole is a fantasy adventure for the slightly younger children and has its emphasis on non-conflict related problem solving, frienship and fantastic magical creatures and settings. The market in Scandinavia has already gotten to know Yumi and the characters of Loophole through every weekday in the children’s block of TV4, the biggest commercial channel in Sweden. The intearactive TV game is stilil running and the animated TV series is now distributed by Nordisk Film.

Loophole has also been seen as an interactive PC game, comic books and mobile content. The major publisher of children books in Scandinavia, Raben & Sjögren is the publisher of the Loophole novel trilogy.

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