Gloom is about a couple of young teenagers with the power to enter the realm of Ghosts. Simon who in early years lost his sister to the ghastly ghost world, is determined to find her. When he meets Lilly, who unknowingly posess the power to walk freely between the two worlds, he finally sees a way of finally put things right again. Together they venture on an extraordinary quest and gets drawn into the horrifying underworld of Gloom.

Gloom is a ghost world. The last outpost between our world and the void beyond. In this world, the dead awaits their fate, accompanied by the guardians, judges and the halfbreeds. When horrible, unpredicted things happens, the thin eggshel protecting our fraigle world cracks open and some of Gloom spills into our world, bringing terror, tragedy and confusion. Our heroes find themselves the last guardians of this world and our only hope to prevent the two worlds from colliding.

Gloom is a classic ghost story told in a modern setting. It is a scary and humorous tale of adventure for young teenagers of both genders where we get to explore ancient myths, occult mysteries, horrifying concepts together with a cast of spectacular characters. It is a story intended to bring both laughter and goosebumps.

Traditional horror concepts such as ghost ships, haunted houses, vampires, demons, mummies, warevolves and other nameless terrors all come together with modern storytelling framed in the stunning visuals and epic mythology that is the world of Gloom.

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